Truck Pick-up & Return

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All of our trucks are parked in a secure lot in Brooklyn, NY by 318 Nevins St at the Corner of Union St.




Can I Pick-Up and/or Return the Truck to Hand Held Films?

This option may be available in some cases. If you require this service, please discuss it with our rental department prior to pick up or return. There may be an additional service fee.


How Long Will It Take to Load the Truck?

It depends on your level of experience and the amount of equipment that you are renting. All equipment, carts, and hampers must be properly secured to prevent damage during transit. This process can be time consuming the first time. Instructions are posted inside the truck to help those with less experience speed the process. You may need as much as 20’ of sash cord per cart and a utility knife. This process can take several hours, please allot sufficient time.