Fujinon ERD-40A-D01 Zoom Rate Demand Unit

This is a zoom rate demand unit suitable for controlling a portable lens mounted on ahead. Its body design, including its light and compact size, grip diameter, and carefully positioned buttons, provides easy and precise zooming and VTR control in the most challenging positions. Demand has also allowed for users to adjust the zoom speed for use in settings such as for studio recordings and sports event coverage, based on their preferences.

Fujinon EPD-41A-D02 Focus Position Demand Unit

This focus position demand unit is suitable for controlling a portable lens mounted on ahead. It offers precision focus and is able to resolve details in highly magnified, high-resolution 4K images while also accurately capturing the most subtle in-focus edges. It can be conveniently held in the hands for fast, comfortable operability, even in the most challenging settings such as coverage of live events such as sports.


Canon ZSD-300D Remote Digital Zoom Servo Demand

The Canon ZSD-300D Remote Digital Zoom Servo Demand operates the Shuttle Shot (Shtl), Speed Preset, and Frame Preset (F.P) functions on the Canon zoom control kit. It connects to the lens via a one-touch, 20-pin connector. Ideal for ENG/EFP, sports and live event broadcast production.

Canon FPD-400D Focus Positional Servo Demand

Canon’s FPD-400D is a digital focus servo demand for use with Canon lens controller kits. It provides precision focus control and is useful in a variety of professional broadcast applications for digital ENG / EFP lenses.

This controlled offers focus capabilities in an easy-to-use knob controller. The cable is integrated into the Focus Demand.


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